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As a member of the Mitsui & Co. group, we believe that trust is the foundation of business and that compliance is an essential requirement for maintaining trust. In order to continue being a company trusted by society, we require each of our employees to have a firm understanding of compliance, to possess a high degree of dignity and morality as a business person, to act conscientiously, sensibly, and ethically as an individual, and to behave with common courtesy to others and in accordance with business ethics and social norms (in other words, “integrity”), and we consider compliance to be the most important aspect of management.

Mitsui Bussan Automotive Inc.’s Business Conduct Guidelines for Employees and Officers

These guidelines provide specific guidance on how each employee is expected to act in his or her day-to-day work and activities to ensure that Mitsui Bussan Automotive fulfils its social responsibility as a company from the perspective of legal compliance and business ethics and continues to earn the trust of its stakeholders.
In addition to bringing awareness of the content to all employees through training and e-learning, each employee is required to pledge to adhere to the guidelines.

1. Compliance with the law and respect for human rights
2. Office environment and harassment
3. Fair trading
4. Conflicts of interest and mix of public and private matters
5. Gifts and favors
6. Handling of the company’s information
7. Compliance with procedures for import and export and other applicable laws
8. Company funds and financial reporting
9. Political donations and other contributions
10. Social contribution
11. Environment preservation
12. Action against antisocial groups
13. Reporting and disciplinary action

Facilitation of communication and development of a whistle-blowing system

We believe that the essence of compliance is to create an open-minded workplace environment that reflects our management philosophy and values, and to prevent problems from arising through smooth communication. However, if a problem does occur, it is necessary to report it to a superior or other relevant person, consult with them, and take appropriate action swiftly.
We have established six channels for reporting and consultation concerning compliance, either through business organizational channels or outside of those channels, including through outside lawyers and other third party organizations (possible on an anonymous basis). In addition, we have established rules for the whistle-blowing system, making it clear that individuals will not be disadvantaged by reporting or consulting about compliance-related problems.

Compliance education and training

We conduct various forms of education and training to further raise awareness of compliance among employees and to impart the knowledge and information required for practicing compliance.
For example, we use the Mitsui & Co. Group Compliance Handbook as a study tool and employ an online diagnostic test to check the level of understanding, with the aim of instilling the minimum compliance-related knowledge that our officers and employees should possess for carrying out their day-to-day work.

Compliance awareness surveys

We conduct questionnaire surveys to evaluate the extent of awareness of compliance among our officers and employees, as necessary, and use the results in planning and implementing various measures to improve compliance awareness.

Protection of personal information

The company’s personal information management system ensures that all officers and employees are fully conversant with the protection of personal information based on the company’s “Privacy Policy” and “Rules on the Protection of Personal Information”.
We handle a large amount of personal information obtained in the course of the work entrusted to us by our customers and suppliers, and we pay careful attention to protecting and managing that information. For this reason, with a view to preventing accidents, in addition to thoroughgoing education, a Personal Information Protection Officer is assigned in each department of the company to monitor the status of the management of personal information in the department’s day-to-day operations, and to make improvements wherever necessary.