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April, 1993
Establishment of Mitsui Bussan Automotive Inc. located in the head quarters of Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
June, 1993
Establishment of Toyota office(current Toyota Branch)located in Toyota branch of Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
August, 1993
Relocating head quarters to Nishiki-cho Kanda Chiyoda-ku
April, 1994
Changing Toyota office's name to Toyota branch.
September, 2001
Relocating head quarters to Hongo Bunkyo-ku.
Octber, 2004
Transfering main contracted business from Mitsui & Co., Ltd to our own business.
April, 2008
Buying out Re-net auction(current Second Business Division, Internet auction business for damaged cars).
September, 2009
Relocating Toyota branch to Nishimachi Toyota-city.
Nobember, 2011
Establishing Toyota suboffice of Inland Trading Department in Toyota branch.
April, 2013
Commemorating 20th anniversary of the founding.
February, 2017
Relocating Head Quarters to Shiodome City Center 34F
October, 2017
Integration Toyota branch business into Overseas Business Department at Tokyo head office
Establish Nagoya sub-office of Inland Trading Department (Relocated from Toyota city to Nagoya city)
July, 2020
Renaming Overseas Business Department as First Business Division
Renaming Inland Trading Department as Second Business Division
March, 2024
Closed Nagoya sub-office of Inland Trading Department